Closely held

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
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I was once in a tribe of heroes

Closely held

by bernardtwindwil

A tribe with no name

We weren't brothers or cousins We weren't colored the same We were but a dozen

Bound by common destiny

Sealed to a fate by bond Sealed by courage and tenacity Sealed til the grave and beyond

We were the living dead

No one to record our deeds No one to stand our stead No one to fulfill our needs

We mingled in our blood

It flowed red and fused It flowed out on the mud It flowed and it oozed

There were tenets and codes

Each one obeyed upon our life Each one obeyed painted in woads Each one obeyed when danger was rife

It is life that forms a tribe

Even if death is imminent Even if danger will proscribe Even ruin without sentiment

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i have no music how does it play

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amazing work

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Fab! :o)