Bowed, bent, scarred but not broken.
Bowed, bent, scarred but not broken. broken stories

bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller,
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I know that we are all built with different chemistry. That is what creates depression or optimism. I feel blessed by my brain chemistry. I hope that this can give all of you some hope.

Bowed, bent, scarred but not broken.

by bernardtwindwil

I have been stabbed with a knife With scissors by my ex-wife

I've been beaten bloody Dirty shitty and muddy

I've been jilted and cheated upon Kept awake for many a dawn

Tortured and then thrown in a pit But never tempted to say "I quit"

It is discipline of the mind The world is going to be unkind

I know it isn't easy for some When all thoughts are dreary and glum

But you and only you define Your future is yours to design

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