Black Bart the po8

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The most financially successful poet ever.

Black Bart the po8

by bernardtwindwil

Charles Earl Boles

Borne in Norfolk, England in 1829 to John and Maria Boles. Moved to Jefferson Country New York. In 1849 is joined the 'Gold rush" to the North fork of the American river. He move to Illinois

Civil War years.

He married Mary Elizabeth Johnson. He joined the 116th Illinois Infantry Regiment and left at the end of the Civil War as a first lieutenant. He went prospecting again in Montana and Idaho.

Post War career

After and encounter with a Well's Fargo agent in 1871, his wife never heard from him again. Some say he tried prospecting again. He faded from view.

The Siskiyou Trail

A stage coach was loaded with gold was heading for Copperopolis. A man wearing a bowler hat, a flour bag over his head, and a duster stopped the stage with shotgun and a folded note.

The note

I've labored long and hard for bread, For honor, and for riches, But on my corns too long you've tread, You fine-haired sons of bitches. Black Bart po8, 1877

He called himself Black Bart the po8

He wrote many poems. Only two have been documented. The second one was...

Here I lay me down to sleep To wait the coming morrow

Perhaps success, perhaps defeat, And everlasting sorrow. Let come what will, I'll try it on, My condition can't be worse; And if there's money in that box 'Tis munny in my purse. Black Bart po8

Black Bart stole thousand of dollars every year.

Becoming the only poet ever known to make a living from his poetry.

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green217Just your local History enthusiast
3 months agoReply
I like this guy! Thanks for enlightening us to his existence. His poems are simple and to the point, a nice change of pace!

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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@bryanthomas Neither had my sons and they went to school in California.

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I'd never heard of him, thanks for the insight!