As I lay dying
As I lay dying stories

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
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2 yrs ago after heart surgery, this is what i experienced

As I lay dying

by bernardtwindwil

Like a miasma in the gray The window moved A cacophony of chatter assaulted me I struggled to understand

Germanic, Romance, Asian maybe Asian Lao-Thai? consciousness faltered was I finally understanding? Stop! Please stop let me rest I'll be OK Is this the other side? No, I can move.

I need to go home. Which way? How? Can't lay here. Get up. You can...what? Someone close talking. I've been captured. I have to run. Where are my legs?

Quieter. They're gone Now go now I'm so dry and thirsty. Someone said no. I'm miserable what I can feel hurts Footsteps. Now! I roll toward the sound. Rough hand pushes back. I can whip him.

My brain is getting clearer No maybe Swimming floating Try to think Nothing I float out into the night sky Stars above and below me I spin

It's her hand on mine. She will save me. I must be home now. It's her voice clearing the fog drawing me back from where? where was I? Someone else tells me to breathe Why? Take me home.

"Don't die. Come back" It's her "Wasn't in my plans for today." it's me I can talk "Where the hell am I?" Life is good. I can smile "I never knew how tough you were." It's her.

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