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bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
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by bernardtwindwil

Through the feline shredded curtain slivers of moon light paint a luminous glow on the esthetic curves of you

onyx and Carrara marble and just as warm and tender seduced by Stygian delight inveigled through mutual deceit

I embraced a golden gibbet listened to a lascivious convocation for lost souls redemption unfathomable

a shimmering aspiration besmirched by concuspience voluptuous satiety evanesces abandonment and solitude

my singularity of companionship excruciating pain rips through my chest as if by a sun dancer's sticks perforated I twist in the heat

and cannot cry out in my anguish finally cognizant of of the toll to cross the river Acheron my fate has become semblant

not the obol for Charon But that I nevermore shall regress Oh what carnal recompense would I indemnify Oh what temporal boon

to retreat to my canteen of cohorts Gird myself in helmet and armor and lift the sword in veneration and glorious exaltation my tunic's

hem besmudged by hands of paupers as I throw coins into the crowd and hear their adulation alas all acclamation lost in a trade for

salacious pleasure lasting a moment not more fasting of amity and fondness yielding rewards of an incubus

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