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bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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This is my personal view
of ALMOST. It means F**k
you in my world.


by bernardtwindwil

No more loathsome word nor concept

A word invented by also-rans and those who never broke from the pack. Oh yeah, you d' man with a cursory slap on the back

You've heard that abomination at work

The nurse gives the Doctor a strong high five. Looking down. "Doctor, you ALMOST saved his life."

That miserable ejaculate in sports.

The pitcher throws the ball is hit over the fence. The catcher pats the pitcher on the but, "You ALMOST had a no-hitter and a shut-out.

That profanity in business.

The trader is perched to pounce and sell short, the price zooms to late to abort. The others gathered round him, "You ALMOST made a killing but lost it all, sport."

The sound rings through hallowed halls of education.

Hats fly in the air. Rowdy congrats all around. A pat for Michael, "You ALMOST made it to Yale. Well JC's not so bad it beats jail.

Tragically it is used if life.

"Where were you last night?" sounds the cry of an injured love. "Well honey, I ALMOST came home. But I stayed out instead."

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