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A teenage queen
an odyssey of love

After the hop

The story of a teenage queen with peachy cheeks, a poodle skirt, and bobby-sox, a ponytail, and a smile that sparkled like the Hope Diamond.

Suzie was going to turn 17 in two weeks. Around her neck, on a dainty gold chain, she wore Ronnie's class ring. Ronnie loved how in bounced off her breast when she danced at the weekly noon sock-hop in the boy's gym.

"Suzie, I gotta work at the pear shed until six this evening. Do you want to catch 'The Defiant Ones' at the BeKay?" "Cool zangs, Ronnie. I'll be ready before the 7:15 show. Are we going to eat there?" "We'll eat somewhere. I'll be starved by then."

Tehachapi was a small town where everyone knew everyone. It was easy to tell the sinners from the saints. Don Bailey was one of the saints. He had a serious crush on Suzie Romaine. His heart sailed when he saw her and dropped like a rock when Ronnie Bryant walked into the scene.

Donnie worked as a fry cook at Andre's Drive-in. He was able to see and talk to all the kids in town. The movie ran a little late. "Ronnie, I gotta get something to eat let's go to Andre's." "You got it kiddo! and maybe later we'll take in the submarine races."

"Ronnie you are so funny." "I try to be. I'm glad you laugh at my stupid jokes." They pulled into the drive-in and ordered by speaker. Donnie as crushed when he saw them togeth............... At 10:12 PM a large meteor hit Andre's drive in and destroyed all buildings and life

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