After swimming
After swimming swimming stories
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bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller,
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This is a true story. It happened this afternoon.

After swimming

Nonni: "Kids get out of the pol and dry and get dressed for supper."

Kids: "O.K. Nonni" The scramble starts at poolside and ends in the dining room.

Nonni: "Where is Granddad?"

Esa: "He's exercising" Eli: "Yeah he's walking in the water."

Nonni: "Is he walking in the water or on the water?"

Kids: "What?"

Nonni: "Well, Grandad thinks he can walk on water." Three hooligans run to the pool.

Elena: "Granddad, Grandad do it so we can see."

Granddad: Do what?"

Elena: "Nonni said you can walk on water. Let's see."

Esa: No, Nonni said that you think you can walk on water. Please try so we can see it."

Granddad: "Go eat supper. I'll speak with Nonni."

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