ADHD + PTSD = Harmony
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bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
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The rationale for irrationality.

ADHD + PTSD = Harmony

by bernardtwindwil

Think of the spending and headaches I have avoided.

Doesn't everyone go to a party and want to get crazy.

You buy same pricey booze you can't afford and drink it dry.

Some one brings some outrageous dope that you greedily smoke

Your brain chemistry changes. You get loose and party hardy

I, on the other hand, spend nothing on dope or booze.

I wait for every one else to get buzzed and wild.

Then I act like I normally do.

Every one wants to know what I smoked or drank.

Think of the money I save by being insane!

Perfect harmony.

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LOL! Loved it! :o)