A treatise on bullyism

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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Americans have traditionally
called bullies Hard boiled eggs.

A treatise on bullyism

by bernardtwindwil


Bullies operate with fear and intimidation. This is a blustering false bravado rooted in a low self-concept. They wish to replace their inferiority and fear with yours.


Bullies are another form of introvert. They display overt aggression so no one will notice their introversion. In their social milieu introversion equals cowardice.


Bullies have a deeply seated complex inferiority syndrome. They are terrified of that being exposed. They would no longer find acceptance in their peer group.


The only way a bully can find transcendence is by belittling those around them. That would pertain especially to those with intellectual superiority. They will predate on any perceived weakness


Each time a bullying event occurs that the bully prevails, reinforces their behavior and adds narcissistic supply

Feedback loop

Why all the hard boiled egg pictures.

So that you will remember that every hardboiled egg is yellow on the inside.

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