A poem for you my own true love
A poem for you my own true love love stories

bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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Yup, this is corny. Slobberingly sentimental. I am as wild about her now as I was 42 yrs ago. Wow, what a ride.

A poem for you my own true love

by bernardtwindwil

Adrienne Adrienne my one and only love Lay with me underneath the stars above When I touch you it is just not the same My lips my fingers and my heart aflame

Come with me to far flung kingdoms abroad The gardens of Givenchy speak to Claude Make our triptych of idyllic scenes We'll feast on escargot and steamed green beans

Storm the castles and dance in the palace Midnight sun and Aurora Borealis Light our way we'll step along the steep edge Overlooking forests meadows with sedge

I'll wrap you up in ermine and satin Serve you chocolate on golden platen Come fly away with me girl of my dreams I'll keep you safe as we dance in moon beams

It was different the moment we touched Within your small hands my hope you've clutched No longer a rover and raconteur You tamed me from wild to tender of Coeur

Slash and burn love'em and leave'em not I In your charms and sweet arms I have to lie All the monsters I was and could have been Vanished because of your kith and your kin

These are but poor snippets that I have penned This poem like my love for you has no end

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