A lesson in Cowography
A lesson in Cowography stories

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.fun
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Cowboy Poetry is a genre of poetry.

A lesson in Cowography

by bernardtwindwil

Long about sundown, I was taken my ease

Slouchin' in my saddle enjoying the breeze

When up comes a botheration

Leadin' to a little bit of complication

I see'd down to a bend in the creek

A bovine was stuck and gettin' weak.

Ever'one else was sat down to chuck

I couldn't leave that little heifer stuck

I took my dallies and built me a loop.

I tossed it over that cow stuck in the goop.

I tied off that lasso tight on my horn.

I backed her up put tension on the rope

And started to pull her up that slope

She slipped and she slid and wallowed around.

I was afeared this maverick would put me aground

By now so dark I couldn't see I had to grope.

Fer gettin' some chuck I was fast losin' hope

The night has critters I'm glad I can't see.

Some could surely make a meal outta me.

That dadburn old cow was makin' me curse

I couldn't see as how things could get worse

Pullin' I finally freed that old cow.

Right then and htere I made me a vow.

If ever I see'd a critter in that much distress

I'd do the same without a second guess

I gets back to camp I and smells them vittles

Ol' cookie has done saved me just a little

Boss man wonders why i'm so late

I tell him my sad story while cleanin' my plate

He says the problem done started last week

The heifer's calf had done drown in the creek

I felt kinda low for how I had whined

It was her dogie she's tryin' t' find

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