5 Reasons I hate listicles
5 Reasons I hate listicles writing stories

bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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Listicle=A poorly written list 5 ways to eat my sushi, a list of 12 things I don't know about trekking East Frickestan, or any list by any overnight expert.

5 Reasons I hate listicles

1. The list is populated by a fallible human being who does not share my experiences, prejudices, nor predilections.

2. I do not wish to be lectured as if I were in elementary school by someone who just read the captions on one or two of articles concerning the subject at hand.

3. Who the hell cares if I am or am not eating sushi in the correct way. I paid for it and if I want to, I'll shove it up my nose (Ha!, you thought I was going to shove that wasabi elsewhere) I will.

4. It requires no writing craftsmanship whatso ever. On any given morning, you can turn a moron upside down, shake him and lists will fall out of his head.

5. This is the most important. I hate them because I did not publish them first.

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