The Hunger Games (Prim's point of view)
The Hunger Games (Prim's point of view) the hunger games stories
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berkieboo4 writing is the soul opening up to others
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sorry this story is short, comment if you want more to this story

The Hunger Games (Prim's point of view)

I woke up with the sound of the rusty old door slamming. She went out to hunt. My big sister has to take care of me and my mother because we aren't fit for surviving in District 12.

I smelled my mothers perfume right next to me. Her face was covered in dry tears mixed with cheap makeup. Then it hit me. Today is the day of the reaping.

Panic flooded into my bones as I thought of ways that I could escape.

I could run into the forest and try to make it with Katniss and Gale, but I would be another burden on their shoulders simply because I cannot hide well or hunt,

I can barely hold a butter knife. I shook my mom awake, as she woke up she smiled at me.

The kind of smile that a mother gives you to tell you everything will be okay, when in reality, she is just as terrified as you are.

I slowly got out of bed and barely dragged myself to the fridge while I gave buttercup his milk for the day.

I looked on the table to see that the cheese I had left for my older sister was gone. A sense of relief filled me, at least I could help out somehow in this miserable world.

My mother got up as well and we got ready for the reaping, or as I should say, an open grave party.

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