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berekettadesse A Nocturnal poet
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I spent a year with you Tho we weren't perfect

Our story

I spent a year with you

Tho we weren't perfect

We weren't bad either

You were everything i needed

My days were filled with joy when we were happy

N i crumbled

when we were rocky

Countless times i cried because of you but you never knew

You never knew how much i loved you or you just never cared i guess

I was your number one fan in your good times

And a sholder to cry on when tngs get bad

You see i was real when it comes to you

Tears fill my eyes as am writing this because this is the only way i can express it

All of a sudden you were gone

You vanished from all my love poems

You never told me you never explained

You just decided this for your self

You just kept on with your life without a worry in the world

and i deal with the pain everyday

I guess this is what i get for put you before me

I guess this is how our story ends


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