A Touch of Madness - Chapter Two - Part 4 of 4
A Touch of Madness - Chapter Two - Part 4 of 4 thriller stories

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Jacob and Sharon's wedding day does not go as planned.

A Touch of Madness - Chapter Two - Part 4 of 4

June 03, 1989

8:03 PM

Grandhurst, TN

The reception's energy started to decline around 7:00 PM and now the guests were anxious to get home after a very successful wedding day.

They made their way to the exit and formed lines on either side filling their hands with the rice to toss at the newlyweds.

Everyone was smiling and laughing as Sharon and Jacob, hand in hand, made their way down the aisle of family and friends. The two guests closest to the double doors pulled them open.

Outside the door was a magnificent marble archway and beyond the archway was and orange strobe light atop a tow truck.

The Ford Pinto, that was left idling in the parking lot was hiked up on two wheels.

The truck's driver made a few last minute marks in his notebook, climbed into the cab, and began to drive away.

As Chris saw this, he began to curse loudly at the slowly shrinking truck that was pulling his car.

He pushed his way through the joyous crowd, eventually pushing Sharon to the ground so he could yell more obscenities at the truck and its driver.

After helping Sharon to her feet Jacob grabbed his friend by the arm and swung him around so they were face to face. "Chris! What's wrong with you? You just shoved my wife to the ground.

I ought to kick your ass!" Jacob yelled at his best man. Chris's eyes became distant as they met Jacob's. "They're coming for me Jake," these breathy words escaped Chris's lips.

"They're going to take me back. I don't want to go back Jakey. I can't go back there. They want to hurt me." The crowed stared in disbelief at the events that were unfolding before them.

"Who? Who's coming for you Chris? What are you talking about? What's going on?" Jacob shot question after question to his friend. Chris grabbed Jacob by his suit coat.

"The men in white coats. The men with the black and red eyes. They'll be here soon. You can't let them take me. They are going to kill me. Please Jake, I need you to--"

Chris was never able to finish his sentence, nor any other, for months. A fist landed squarely on the right side of his chin breaking his jaw.

Jeremiah stood over Chris who was now laying on the ground crying in pain. Jacob's jaw dropped, "Why did you do that? Dad, he needs some serious help."

"Jacob, today is your day, I didn't want to ruin it for you. Chris shouldn't have been here. He is supposed to be in Seattle.

" Jeremiah said solemnly as he used his left hand to rub his right fist.

"I know, he was there on business but got away to come to my wedding... Not get punched in the face by you!"

"No, Jacob, he wasn't there on business. He is supposed to be in White Valley Sanitarium in Seattle. When he showed up here, I called them to see if they had given him a weekend pass.

They hadn't. He escaped and came here. He's not well Jake. I wanted to protect you from that, so your mother and I never told you about him.

All those retreats Chris would go on when you two were kids, he was in and out of mental hospitals. Authorities are on their way here to take him back.

I know I should have told you son, but you two were so close as kids. I didn't want to ruin that. Chris is a good kid. He just stops taking his medication from time to time."

Jacob studied his father in disbelief. He looked down at Chris, who was now beginning to stand up. Jacob grabbed Chris by the arm and pulled him to hiss feet, then looked back to his father.

"Well, what are we supposed to do now?"

"You're supposed to go on your honeymoon. I'll wait here with Chris until the proper authorities arrive. I called a limo to take you to your hotel.

" Jeremiah smiled and looked at Sharon, who was visibly upset by the events of the past few moments, then back to Jacob. "Take your wife and have some fun. I can handle this.

Make sure Sharon isn't too shaken up, alright? Take the limo to your hotel and enjoy your two weeks in Hawaii. Can you do that?"

"Yes," Jacob said hesitantly as he grabbed Sharon's hand. "Are you sure you'll be alright, dad?"

"Absolutely." his father replied with confidence.

Chris looked at Jacob through water filled eyes that begged Jacob for help. Jacob put his free hand on his best man's shoulder. "You're going to be fine, bud.

When I get back I'll come visit you. Maybe we can get you some help here in Grandhurst so we can get through this together. I'm hear for you. I promise.

" Jacob sidestepped his friend and held his wife's hand tightly as they walked to the side parking lot where they found a black limo waiting for them with the words JUST MARRIED painted on

the back window. Jacob looked back once while Sharon was entering the longest limo she had ever seen. His father had his hand on Christopher's shoulder and was talking.

Jacob smiled and followed Sharon into the limo.

Christopher watched as his best friend walked around him and left him behind. He nearly began to cry, and would have if the man next to him did not fill him with anger.

Jeremiah placed a hand on Chris's shoulder and began to speak, but Chris could not hear the words through his own thoughts. He stood holding his broken jaw, looking Jeremiah in the face.

As Jeremiah stared back into Chris' eyes and spoke, he saw the burning, lifeless, and fearsome gaze of hate.

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