A Touch of Madness - Chapter Two - Part 3 of 4
A Touch of Madness - Chapter Two - Part 3 of 4 thriller stories

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Jacob and Sharon's wedding day does not go as planned.

A Touch of Madness - Chapter Two - Part 3 of 4

June 03, 1989

5:00 PM

Grandhurst, TN

"Jacob you old dog! You started without me!" a voice shouted from across the room silencing everything but the music.

Jacob stood, glaring from the light in his eyes to see who was talking when he saw him.

"Chris!? Is that you!?" Jacob cried out in surprise.

"Damn right it is you son of a bitch! You think you can throw a party without me?" He replied as he approached the groom's table.

Jacob pushed his chair out of the way and walked around the table to greet Chris. The two embraced in a way only two men can.

There was squeezing and near blackouts before they finally released each other. The bustling of the guests began again seeing that this was not a confrontation but rather a happy reunion.

"I thought you were in Seattle on business. What are you doing here?" Jacob asked in a sincere but worrisome voice. "You didn't get fired did you?"

"Haha! What do I look like? Some bum? No way! I convinced them to let me fly out for the day. I'm only late because there was a storm in Seattle. I nearly got locked down." Chris replied.

"Well I'm glad you could make it. It's good to see you, what has it been? Four years?"

"Five. You had just graduated high school."

"That's right! I remember now!"

Jeremiah came lumbering over, casting his large shadow over the two boys. He greeted them and told Jacob that his bride was waiting for him.

Jacob smiled as he looked toward his wife and told Chris that it was good to see him again and that they would catch up soon. At this moment Jacob returned to his wife's side.

As he sat down, he looked at Chris and his father; he saw something in his father's eyes he had never seen before. It was cold, it was distant, and it was tired.

Was it sadness? Was it fear? No, Jacob would replay that look in his mind over and over again.

It was neither sadness nor fear, and Jacob would never have the opportunity to ask his father about that expression.

In time, however, he would come to understand that the expression which now plagued his father's face was despair.

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