A Touch of Madness - Chapter Two - Part 2 of 4
A Touch of Madness - Chapter Two - Part 2 of 4 thriller stories

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Jacob and Sharon's wedding day does not go as planned.

A Touch of Madness - Chapter Two - Part 2 of 4

June 03, 1989

4:57 PM

Grandhurst, TN

The music was loud, but the conversation and laughter was louder. Family, friends, and acquaintances were sharing the wedding feast together. Some would drink; others would drink far to much.

The toll of silver on crystal rang out like wind chimes on a blustery day. This sound beckoned the newly married couple to kiss and they would happily oblige.

The bride would whisper in her husband's year and they would laugh together.

The groom's parents danced slowly in the midst of the younger guests who were hopping and twirling to the upbeat music.

Outside, a rusted blue Ford Pinto drove frantically into the reception hall parking lot. The tires squealed as it came to a forceful stop.

The friction was so great that it produced a small amount of sickening white smoke from the black rubber tires.

The driver stepped out leaving the engine to idle and ran to the grand wooden door marking the entrance of the reception hall.

He stopped dead in his tracks as he saw a white and gray banner hanging above the door. The banner said;


If you made it this far you already said "I DO"

Guess it's to late to run now.

- Chad, Shirley, Jason, and Mary

The banner had been created by some of Sharon and Jacob's college friends. They all loved each other like siblings and this banner showed the nature of that relationship.

Chad and Shirley would get hitched three years later but fail to keep in touch with Jacob and Sharon. Mary would die of lung cancer at the age of thirty-six.

And Jason would move to China next year to work in the marketing department of a company called MiltoCorp. No one from his life in the U.S. would hear from him again.

The man stood, staring with a puzzled look at the banner. I never understood those marriage jokes he thought. He brushed his suit jacket sending crumbs tumbling to the ground.

He tilted his neck to the left first and then to the right causing it to crack twice. He straightened his blue and white striped tie.

He stood up straight and smiled as he swung the grand wooden door wide and entered.

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