A Touch of Madness - Chapter Two - Part 1 of 4
A Touch of Madness - Chapter Two - Part 1 of 4 thriller stories

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Jacob and Sharon's wedding day does not go as planned.

A Touch of Madness - Chapter Two - Part 1 of 4

June 03, 1989

2:55 PM

Grandhurst, TN

"Any sign of the best man?" asked Jeremiah Walters. Jeremiah was dressed in a fine gray suit and a bright red tie. He stood behind Jacob with his hands on his son's shoulders.

Jeremiah towered over his son at a height of six feet and nine inches. Jacob took after his mother's more average height and stood at five feet and eleven inches.

"No, I don't think he's going to show," Jacob replied with a smile. "But, that's okay, what's important is that I am about to marry the most amazing woman I have ever known.

Excluding Mom of course." Jacob turned and faced his father, shooting him a wink.

"Oh! Off course! But unfortunately for you, your mother is already married" Jeremiah laughed.

"Ugh! That's gross Dad! You know what I meant!" Jacob joined his father in his outburst of laughter. This was going to be a day they both remembered and cherished for a long time to come.

Jacob Walters had been waiting patiently for nearly 6 months to marry his bride. He and Sharon agreed to wait to get married until he had finished his training at the police academy.

Sharon said yes to his proposal after they had both graduated from Tennessee State University in December of 1988.

Sharon had studied English Literature in hopes of becoming a teacher and by the time she graduated she had a job offer.

Grandhurst High School had called her and asked her to come and replace their current English teacher, Mr. Robert Flood. This came as no surprise to anyone.

Robert Flood had been preparing for retirement since the moment he started his position there. He taught, and he taught well, for thirty-seven long years.

Grandhurst High School was Jacob and Sharon's alma mater and the board knew that Sharon had a passion for teaching. They begged Mr.

Flood to stay on until they had an opportunity to offer the position to Sharon. Robert happily agreed to wait for his star student to take his position.

Sharon accepted the offer almost before the phone even began to ring.

Jacob took a different path in college. He worked day and night to achieve his master's degree in criminal psychology.

He graduated with his master's degree in four years, an impressive achievement by any standard. Despite the long study hours Jacob still made time for his childhood crush.

Jacob and Sharon lived three houses away from each other growing up; and though they never officially dated until college they both knew that one day they would marry.

It was true love, and today they were proclaiming that love to the world.

Jacob shook his father's hand and walked, nearly skipping, to the front of the church.

He took his place to the left of the preacher and stared down the isle to the closed door where his bride would soon emerge.

The man who would, years from now, be elected sheriff in a small town far from his home smiled. The man who would soon see enough evil for five lifetimes was joyful.

The man who would weep with sorrow was happy.

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