A Touch Of Madness - Chapter Three - Part 2 of 2
A Touch Of Madness - Chapter Three - Part 2 of 2 thriller stories

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Sharon makes her way to the sheriff's station. Someone comes to visit.

A Touch Of Madness - Chapter Three - Part 2 of 2

October 30, 2016


Ashbourne, IL

A bell rang as Sharon stepped out from the cold and into the well lit and extremely tidy sheriff station's waiting room. Moments later Marcy poked her head around a corner and smiled.

She walked up to Sharon and the two embraced each other. "I'm so glad you're here!" Marcy exclaimed.

"Oh, Marcy. I'm happy to be here." Sharon replied with a gentle voice. "Now, lets go make a fresh pot of coffee and wait on the details of this call to come in, okay?"

"That sounds like a great plan, thanks."

Marcy and Sharon walked around the corner that Marcy just came from. Ahead of them was a short hallway with five doorways.

Sharon had been here many times and knew the station as well as her own house. She knew that the two doors on the left were the bathrooms.

The first door on the right were the offices, or rather cubicles and sheriff's office. The second door on the right was the break room. At the end of the hall were the holding cells.

Sharon followed Marcy into the break room where Marcy began pulling out filters and coffee grounds for a fresh pot of coffee. Sharon sipped on her coffee as she sat in a chair.

"You know Jacob is going to figure all of this out, right Marcy?" Sharon questioned.

"I know, Sharon, it's just that this kind of thing doesn't happen here... What if it were my kids? Out there in the woods? - I.

I just-" Marcy's eyes swelled with tears at the thought of her two boys. Sharon stood and walked to Marcy, placing a hand on her back to comfort her.

"Marcy, your boys are fine. Jacob is going to be on the scene at any minute, and he's going to catch whoever is responsible. No one else is going to get hurt. I promise."

Through tears and sniffling Marcy replied, "You're right. I know he will. I suppose you and Jacob saw your fair share of horrible things back in that big city Grandhurst, huh?"

"More than you know, Marcy. More than you know." Sharon said with a faraway look in her eyes.

Just as Marcy was about to ask what things Jacob and Sharon had seen, a static frequency broke through in the offices.

"Marcy, come in Marcy. This is Walters. I've just arrived on the scene."

Sharon and Marcy quickly made their way to Marcy's desk and picked up the radio.

"Copy that, Sheriff. You're wife arrived just a few minutes ago." Marcy spoke into the hard, black, plastic radio.

"Rodger that." Jacob replied. "I'm just about to be debriefed by Travis and Brady before I make my first examinations of the scene. I'll radio back when I know more. Over and out."

"Be safe and stay warm sheriff." Marcy radioed back before standing from her chair. "I'm going to get some of that coffee. Need a refill?" Asked Marcy.

"No. I'm covered for a little while at least" Sharon replied as she lifted her thermos. Marcy smiled back at her and walked back to the break room.

As Sharon sipped at her coffee a bell rang, indicating someone had just entered the sheriff's station. Sharon stood and called out to Marcy.

"I'll get it!" Sharon walked calmly out of the offices and started around the corner to the waiting room.

"Can I help --" Sharon froze in her tracks as she saw a man standing just inside the doorway.

"Hello, Sharon." The man said in a low and monotone voice.

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