A Touch of Madness - Chapter One - Part 4 of 5
A Touch of Madness - Chapter One - Part 4 of 5 crime stories

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A call is placed to the local sheriff station in small town Ashbourne, IL. What is first thought to be a prank call is soon discovered to be something far more sinister.

A Touch of Madness - Chapter One - Part 4 of 5

October 30, 2016

1:07 AM

Ashbourne, IL

Marcy dialed a number she knew by heart, Sheriff Jacob Walters' home phone. She was good friends with Jacob's wife after all.

There was one ring, then two, and halfway through the third there was a click and an answer, "Walters residence." said a gruff voice that was half asleep.

Jacob Walters lay flat on his back, one hand holding the telephone to his left ear and the other massaging his tired eyes. In between the massaging he caught a glimpse of his alarm clock.

The bold red numbers shown into his eyes: 1:07AM. You're kidding right? Walters thought to himself. I've only been asleep for two hours?

"Jacob, it's Marcy, sorry to wake you. I got a call earlier and sent Travis and Brady to investigate. They just reported back. You need to get out to the old Wilberry trail right away.

" Marcy, spoke with a calm but faltering voice.

"What's going on Marcy? What's happened?" Jacob was more energized now as if he had just placed his hand on an electric fence.

"Lucas Miller, Stacie Schulz, Jack Williams, Dakota Williams, and Jonathan Seeley are all dead. They're de-de-de-dead!" Marcy began to cry.

The static buzzed in Jacob's ears, only being broken by the sound of Marcy sucking back the mucus that was now freely draining from her nose.

In a gentle and father-like tone Jacob spoke, "Marcy, I know you're upset, but I need you to help me. Can you do that Mar?" The sound of Marcy taking several deep breaths to calm herself.

Jacob was now sitting straight up in his bed. His wife, Sharon, was awake but silent. Stunned by the fear on her husband's face.

She had never seen such a look on him in their 27 years of marriage.

She looked longingly into the Sheriff's face hoping for some kind of relief, but his face stayed rigid, staring into the darkness of their bedroom.

"I'm sorry Sheriff." Marcy spoke with a voice that was no longer of the woman he knew, but the hollowed out voice of a hopeless stranger, "I'm just so scared by what they said."

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