A Touch of Madness - Chapter One - Part 2 of 5
A Touch of Madness - Chapter One - Part 2 of 5 crime stories

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A call is placed to the local sheriff station in small town Ashbourne, IL. What is first thought to be a prank call is soon discovered to be something far more sinister.

A Touch of Madness - Chapter One - Part 2 of 5

October 30, 2016

12:49 AM

Ashbourne, IL

There was a slight static buzz the moment before a soft kind voice came through the phone. "Nine-One-One, What's your emergency?"

"I need to speak with Sheriff Jacob Walters." responded a low deep voice.

"Sir, this is an emergency line, if you would like to contact the sheriff you must call our non-emergency line." The woman replied.

"This is an emergency. An emergency that will involve Sheriff Walters. I need to speak with him."

"Sir if this is an emergency please tell me what services you require and I can dispatch them.

Do you need an ambulance? The fire department? Or do I need to dispatch a squad car? Where are you located?"

"You'll need all three for this."

"Sir, please stay on the line, where are you? What is the emergency?"

"They're dead. All of them. And it's his fault."

"Who's dead? Who's fault?"

"Sheriff Jacob Walters" The man spoke this final phrase and hung up the phone.

He knew they had already traced the call and that it would only be a matter of minutes before this place was full of strobe lights and sirens.

The man broke his phone in half and dropped it into the now roaring fire. He turned his back to the flames and faced the dark and empty forest. He ran straight into the darkness and out of view.

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