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There are 154 tiles in my ceiling

a magic trick

There are

154 tiles in my ceiling

256 cracks in my windows blinds

and 122 freckles on my

left arm.

I have become an expert

of counting


toward 6 am.

That's why

when my alarm clock

calls out for my attention

I dare not

give it the honour of my

reaction, because

I'm sorry

my numerical digital nemesis


been awake all night.


when the sun lays itself to rest

and all I want

is to do the same

I call that command

for that "reverse"


to close my eyes

and layer my mind

to mirror my bedroom air

all darkness

just silent nothing

in an attempt

to fast forward

to tomorrow


they never listen.


insomnia interwinds

and weaves itself

in between me

and my sheets

in an attempt to keep me warm

in the wake

of a scorching summer afternoon

so unneeded

and relentless

and sweaty

just because

it's afraid of being alone

with a body

so silent

and still

under the moon

and I find myself

often praying for the winter.

That maybe the frost

will freeze it

frozen in a sleep paralysis

but the snow never comes.

and insomnia,

it never arrives alone

it, paired with anxiety

that "dynamic duo" of

bedtime doom

keep my eyes glued to

My bedroom ceiling

While my brain

runs laps around my

Worries for the night.

So I search google

For sleep techniques

I listen to meditation podcasts.

I have a sleep app

That has 42 ambiant noises

And I've tried

..them all.

I've tired no caffeine

I've tried drinking warm milk

And even contracted

the assistance of

That nighttime




Stuffy head

So I can finally

Shut off my brain medicine

To force my consciousness

into submission

But it rarely ever taps out.

But I have a Secret

Laced with magic

My way into dreamland

That leaves me

Dropping z's


It's you.


are the calm

In the center of my hurricane

The hush in my constant static

The one

Who diminishes down my tide

When my entire world

Is a title wave

And I know

Lying next you

Always leaves me

Sleeping by your side

Even before you

shut off the light

At night


As you have said

For cuddle reasons

it can be annoying.

But you must know

My body now recognizes you

As the one controlling

The gate and keeping

All my demons at bay

And away from my place of rest

Which is to say

I sleep the best

When I am next you

Your body

always within reach

The porchlight

At the top of your spine

Calling for a morning

kiss of comfort

Calling me home.

And how magical it is

To fall into slumber

Lying next to the person

You love the most

To wake up lying next to the person

You love the most

And the whole time

completely at peace.

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