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bennetfrazier Not actually named Bennet
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"To you and only you."

A poem about a faithful city.

Faithful City

by bennetfrazier

When you leave

And have no means of returning

Your city will not halt time for you. But it will awaiten your return.

To bring joyous pride and broken memories.

It will always lie here

Even if you do not wish for it to.

It will be faithful

And be here for you when others aren't.

Why? You may ask

Well why not dear child.

Life is full of surprises

Some pleasant. Some not.

But that does not mean

Racing at the first sign of trouble.

You have to stand tall.

Be proud. Be impenetrable.

Be like a skyscraper.

Don't back down.

You can do it.

You can live in tranquility. In jovial bliss.

Whether here nor there.

But remember this

The city will lie awaiting you.

For when you return

It will welcome you with open arms.

Reminiscing about old times. All the nostalgia.

It'll completely overwhelm you

For the city is faithful

To you and only you.

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