Why We Are So Obsessed With the Kardashians

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Why do we love the Kardashians so much? Kim? Khloe? Here's my explanation

Why We Are So Obsessed With the Kardashians

They seem to succeed by doing little.

We all want success. But most people hate work. They hate their job. But we LOVE social media, TV, apps. The Kardashians have their entire lives made around social media, TV, and apps.

We all dream to have their lifestyle and money.

They have everything (so it seems). Their life is what we wish we could have. Spend money and worry about guys and non-real issues.

They know how to drum up attention and create drama.

The world LOVES drama and crazy stories. Kim has been with many high profile guys and of course, Kanye West, which always keep them in the limelight.

We love to criticize and critique their lives.

We can discuss all the drama and details and give advice, filling our own egos. It makes us happy to critique theirs.

oh yeah......Kim's hot

And takes a lot of revealing pictures. And her butt.....probably has something to do with it

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