My First Ever Date (I was a nervous wreck)
My First Ever Date (I was a nervous wreck) stories
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Dates are super hard. Don't let anybody ever tell you that they're easy

My First Ever Date (I was a nervous wreck)

by benj

Step 1 was the hardest. Asking the girl out

On TV it looks so easy. You walk up to a pretty girl at a bar. Ask them out. Almost always they say yes. In real life tho....

I was SO NERVOUS....that I couldn't even ask her in person

I tried. I really did. But I ended up asking her to Taco Bell. Via text message

She said yes to Taco Bell. I literally died.

Ok maybe not literally. But I was so excited and even more nervous.

I couldn't sleep the night before the date

What would I say? What would I wear? Surely I couldn't wear a suit to Taco Bell

I was 2 hours early to the date and sat at the Taco Bell

Ok, maybe not 2 hours. But i was really early. And I had sweaty palms

We ate tacos and talked. I felt like I was in a dream

I wanted to kiss her.....but I didn't....I'm an awk fella

Was a fun date.

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