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2am thoughts

memories from a happy past

Your head is resting on my stomach and I can feel it slowly moving every time I breath.

At this point,

I'm still not sure if you're a heavy sleeper or not but I assumed you were since I'm running my fingers through your hair for god knows how long and you still haven't moved an inch.

Your skin is hot against mine and it smells like vanilla -- i guess that's what happens when you use my favorite shampoo.

"Vanilla is my new favorite smell", that was what you said on our second date, when you kissed my forehead and hugged me whilst your chin rested on top of my head.

Up until then, I had never experienced what love felt like but deep down I was starting to realize that maybe you were it.

"I wasn't sleeping". Those words were all it took for my cheeks to turn a little bit pink.

You slowly opened your eyes to look up at me but I was probably staring at you with a stupid smile on my face.

I didn't realize my fingers had stopped moving until you grabbed my hands, placed them back in your head and wrapped your arms around my waist.

"Ugh, so needy". I whispered. You took a deep breath and tightened his arms around me. "For you, always".

I had been asking for someone like you for a really long time and now that I have you, it doesn't even feel real.

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