A Teens Worst Nightmare
A Teens Worst Nightmare thriller stories

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Teenager Ashley Miller awakes into her worst nightmare when a strange man is lurking in her house. What is he looking for and what does he want? What happens after the nightmare ends? I guess you will never know until you read and learn more.

A Teens Worst Nightmare

I knew I had to do something and fast. If not I would end up in the headline news under " 15 year old Ashley Miller killed in her house....killer is still out there.

" Staggering to my feet I dashed to the kitchen. I tried my best to stay on my feet as I went down the stairs. I could hear him coming behind me. I panicked.

I saw my life flashing before my eyes. I got down the stairs and rushed the rest of the way to the kitchen falling over my own feet.

I grabbed a knife off the counter, and crawled under the table. My phone rang the killer grabbed it and smashed it on the floor by the table.

I held my mouth shut; trying to slow my breathing down so he couldn't hear me. His feet shuffled across the ground. *CLICK* *CLICK* My eyes widened....he had a gun i told myself.

He left the room. I crawled back from under the table and slowly rose to my feet. The house phone rang.

It scared my so much I got back under the table and the killer came back into the kitchen where the phone was. He let it ring. It went to voicemail....

"Hey Love it's me Bailey....I am coming over....just to check on you I've texted you a trillion times and tried calling and your phone went straight to voicemail....

I love you and I will see you in a bit"

My heart raced he could NOT come here with the killer still here or anywhere close. The killer left the room again. I krept out from under the table once again.

I heard him put something on the shelf in the next room. I slowly walked to the living room to see where he was... holding the knife....in my hand in clenched my fist.

He had put his gun on that shelf.

"Oh come on really such a misnomer mistake" I said aloud as i grabbed the gun.

The killer turned his face was a lined with mine. He looked like he just saw a ghost. A car door slammed in the background. The killer ran towards me. *BANG* I pulled the trigger.

He fell to the ground and the blood spilled out of him onto the hardwood floor beneath him. I dropped the gun... fell to my knees. I heard Bailey yelling my name with an uneased tone of voice.

I was too traumatized to answer him. All I could do was replay the intense, sinister glare he gave me as he ran towards me before I.....Myself ended his life.....

Bailey threw his arms around my shacking me.....holding my face.

"Thank God you're okay" He said." What happened" He soon questioned.

"I don't know"....."I was in the shower....got out and took a nap when I woke up I heard him opening the door".....I said quivering.

"Okay I am going to call the cops ' until then you should go was your face off and relax"

I sat there in disbelief of what just happened.

"There's the sirens that means they are close"

"I am going to be put in jail...." I screamed

"Relax they won't do that....it was self defense" He said holding me still.

"I don't know what to do."

"Just take deep breaths you are gonna be okay."

I took a few deep breaths before the cops were there rushing in.

"Hello my name is Officer Grande' What happened?"

"Ashley" I spoke softly and in shock.

"Bailey" He said strongly.

I explained the whole thing to the officers.

"Last name?" She questioned.

"Miller' I answered awkwardly.

When I had finished they had pulled Bailey aside and questioned him.

"What happened that made you come here?" Officer Grande questioned.

"I called and texted her multiple times and never got an answer." Bailey replied.

"Okay...did you ever think that maybe she was taking a nap?"

"I knew she wasn't because we were talking shortly before and she was getting ready to come over to my house"

"Maybe she was driving?"

"She has an auto reply on her phone for when she is driving."

"And because she wasn't answering you decided to come here."

"Yes because she is my girl I was worried about her because she wasn't answering me and it's not like her to not answer."

They finished speaking. The Officers cleaned the mess that remained as Bailey walked over to me hugging me repeating..."Thank God you're okay, you could have been killed....

I have no clue what I would do without you." Officer Grande walked up to me and Bailey. With a sincere look in her eyes.

"We can identify the body as 29 year old Jamison Maddicks"

"Do you know any reason why he would want to do this to you Ms. Miller?"

"I have no idea why." I said quickly.

"Sir do you know why he would want to do this?"

"No ma'am" He said in a shaky tone.

"Okay....I think I have enough to go on...Have a careful and good rest of your morning." She happily spoke.

"Thank you Officer" Bailey and I spoke in harmony.

We walked them out following behind them. They left slowly driving down the street. I walked to Bailey's car...silently thinking to myself why would someone want to do this?...

Why would someone do this to me? I felt my hands throbbing...as if the guns backfire had shaken them up. We got in the car and headed down the road past the large fields and the gas station...

I stared at the sky.....It was such a pretty color...the blue of the sky mixed with the white of the clouds. The birds sang in harmony. The trees flowed....

and had a perfect pattern in my view....yellow...red...orange...green....they had brought life to the streets. Kids played in the large yards....dogs ran around ...

horses galloped after the car...and their mains gently spiralled in the wind. Bailey spoke softly.

"I love you."

"I love you too." I spoke with gracefulness.

"Everything will be okay from now on...you know that right?"

"Of course...I have you...no one can hurt me."

"If someone ever hurts you or tries to again they will pay for it."

"I think I'll be fine from now on."

I began to look out the window again. I saw a variety of cars, people, horses, other animals, and much more. The radio was playing soft, low music....Bailey hummed the melody of the song.

It made me happy and warm inside. I smiled and reach over the seat..laying my hand on his leg...He looked over at me just enough to smile then looked back at the road.

I looked at him with love in my eyes. I could see he was giving me the same look.

Looking at him and remembering all that he had done for me was like looking off into the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen. We were still traveling down that same long road.

We sat in silence...but it wasn't a bad silence it was the type of silence everyone adored...me and him loved when we didn't have to have conversation to show love.

I thanked him for all he did and he replied with....

"Anything for the love of my life."

It was very quiet and peaceful. I started to get sleepy. Suddenly I found myself asleep. Dreaming it all over again. Would it ever end seemed to run through my mind a thousand times.

The dream stopped in its tracks when I felt a throbbing pain all at once and sirens were screaming. I was being pulled from the car. Suddenly I was out again.

This time I was rudely awoken in the hospital...being poked and prodded at. I was asked several times.

"Can you feel that?" The first doctor asked.

I did not respond....I couldn't speak.....I couldn't find the words to say.

"Can you feel this?" She asked again.

This time I went into panic. I threw myself around as the doctors and nurses tried holding me down.

" WHERE IS BAILEY????" I yelled.

"Calm down ma'am...he will be okay...." The older looking doctor said nervously.

The nurse pulled the doctor aside and said something in his ear. I wondered what she had told him.

Thinking every horrible thing possible I continued to thrash and sling my arms and legs in any direction possible. The doctor held me still long enough to give me a shot.

I asked her what it was and as she was explaining to me I had been really tired...I felt as if my body was shutting down against my will. Maybe it was. Maybe she had given me a sedative.

I didn't fight it. Right as my eyes took their final roll the doctors were scrambling to the bed and yelling suddenly I couldn't hear a thing.

Was something wrong? If so what had happened to me? Why was I there? I couldn't remember anything. All I remember was a loud BANG...then blackness.

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