Sinking Stones
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Rhyming about stones sinking

Sinking Stones

I picked up a small stone,

It was all small and flat.

It had been lying next to my foot

by the stump where I had sat.

I turn it over and over

in the palm of my hand.

How had something like this

ended up here on land?

It was too flat and beautiful,

sitting on the ground.

With much tinier pebals

scattered all around.

But only one was big,

big enough to fit in my hand.

how had something like this

ended up here on land?

A piece of wood in my left hand,

a hard stone in my right,

I threw them into the clear water

using all my might.

The wood had bobbed up and down,

but later floated away.

But the stone sank down deep,

returning to it's original place.

I sat back down again,

with now an empty hand.

How had something like that

ended up on land?

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