An ocean of tears
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I don’t belong here

An ocean of tears

I look into the mirror

And see a face I don't know,

And a body I don't like,

That I don't want to own.

I think about not eating,

But never carry through.

And I think about cutting,

But I never do.

I only look at myself,

Then see others.

With their perfect face,

And smooth skin colors.

And slim fitted bodies,

Dressed with cute clothes.

But I'm not like that,

As I will my eyes to close

And my body to sleep,

Forever, I shall lay.

So that in my fantasy I can look like them,

And be one with their perfect ways.

I want to be cute,

And follow these trends.

But I can only watch as life flashes by,

Until it comes to an end.

And I'll never be like them,

Though I try so hard.

I can’t bear to hold onto

My searing deep-set scars.

And I sing my sad song,

And no one dares to hear.

So I sit, then I drown,

In an ocean of tears.

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