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Your eyes are so happy, Your smile so bright.


Your eyes are so happy,

Your smile so bright.

But I always miss you

When I sleep at night.

I wonder if we

Will be friend again

And not just friends,

Sisters until the end.

I'm sorry I might've crossed you,

Just tell me what I did wrong

Because I can't stand the thought

Of being alone.

Why do you hate me?

Is it something I said?

Is it someone I hang out with,

Or is it all in my head?

It's too weird to think of,

You against me.

Fighting each other

Until one's forced to flee.

I miss you, Jade,

I miss you so much.

I miss you laugh,

Your playful touch.

Your stupid jokes,

Your happy smile.

Let's just go back to the way it was,

And stay for a while.

Even if that means I get bullied,

Even if I get mocked.

I just want you to come back, Jade,

Just for one last talk.

Just for a minute,

Just to have fun.

Just to laugh like last year,

Please say our friendship isn't done.

There's still so much ahead of us,

So much more to know.

So much more to grasp,

Please, Jade,

Don't go.

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