Devilish child
Devilish child suicide stories

bellatheninja an innocent girl in this dirty world
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Just look at me, I’m a mess.

Devilish child

I look mean,

I act mean,

God, I am mean.

I'm the demon that haunts your dreams,

I'm the that thing on your mind

that makes you lose sleep.

I can't cope with this world,

It’s too much for me.

I'm the rebel in the crowd,

I stray from all those people.

This life always eats my soul,

It beats me for who I am.

For what I like,

Or what I do.

Just look at me,

I'm a mess.

I'm breaking under all this stress.

I see that life just isn't for me,

But really, what is?

So now I find that I'm a devil,

And the only place I belong

is Hell.

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