I don't think you want me anymore.
I don't think you want me anymore. lgbt stories

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A short story about love.

I don't think you want me anymore.

We've been together for about a year.

My family loves you! They say you're the perfect girl. So kind and polite. A nice balance to my distrustful nature and quick temper.

I used to love how you said my name. It sounded the way a cold rain felt after a day of hard work. And it wasn't just my name. Your voice made everything sound beautiful.

I remember when I asked you to describe your childhood home. It was an awful place where the floor would fall apart if you stepped wrong.

But even in your hatred of the old trailer, you made it sound like home. A place where you could feel safe, even if you weren't.

I always loved your voice. But recently it doesn't have the same beauty anymore.

Your words haven't changed and you still act the same.

I thought maybe you had fallen sick, maybe. Maybe you just needed rest and you'd be better soon.

Then you introduced me to her. Your new friend. She's really nice and I personally can't find a problem with her. Maybe that's why you sound like you used to when you talk about her.

Maybe that's why she sounds so much more beautiful when you talk about her then when I talk to her. You smile more now. So much so that I didn't realize that you had stopped before.

You love her.

You love her how you used to love me.

It makes sense. Honestly, she's beautiful and kind. She is easy to talk to and an even better listener. So I can understand how you would fall fo her. But it still stings.

It hurts to think about what we used to be and how you used to talk about me that way.

But by the gods, I refuse to keep you where you are not happy.

So I approach you. I plan to tell you how unhappy you seem. I want to tell you how I hate how sad you are and how I want to make you happy even if it breaks me.

I start to open my mouth and speak when you look away. You lower your voice and say.

"I don't think you want me anymore."

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