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My Guy - Continued

The question he asked me if we could go and see a movie and I said sure but I was going to have to see what I am doing first.

I got home from the bus and walked into my house. I asked my parents what was on the agenda for this weekend and they said that we were going to the movies.

When I got to school the next day he asked if I could and I said well my family is going to the movies so if you want to tag along you could.

He said sure I will Skipping to Saturday evening we were headed to the movies when we go there I spotted him he was wearing one of his hoodies.

Je bought himself a ticket to what we were going in to watch. My family sat upfront and I don't like sitting in the front so we sat in the middle.

We sat quietly and watched the movie. He sat beside me and he was quiet. When the movie was over we said goodbye and said we should do it again. I and my family left after that.

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