I regret you
I regret you sad stories
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bellabay I like sarcasm and rhyming
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In every language, i regret you.

I regret you

I've never regretted dating anyone but i've also never loved anyone i've dated. They were all good to me and gave me nothing but respect.

They treated me so well and I hated that I broke their hearts but they just weren't in mine. I don't regret any of them and I would date them again. You, however, I regret.

Not because you were bad to me, you treated me well. Not because you abandoned me, you are still here. But you told me you loved me. You told me you'd never leave me.

You said things like "lets get married" and "lets move there together". I look back and remember when you said those things and it makes me regret you.

I was fine without you I would have been fine without you but now I cant be fine without you. I wish I could have been fine without you. I wish I had never met you.

Because even though you're still here you're not really here. But even though you're not really here you'll still never leave my mind and I wish you would. C'est la vie, mi amor.

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