I could never never
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I was always a hopeless romantic.

I could never never

I was always a hopeless romantic. I had my wedding planned on pinterest and my bridesmaids picked out by college. Everything was planned out. All I needed was a groom.

When you came along I thought I had found one. You were so perfect. I had always been the "heartbreaker" I had no walls up around my heart you walked right in.

In fact I think I built walls to keep you in. When you broke my heart it was something I had never felt before.

I always got attached to people quickly but I never sunk my teeth in so deep like I did to you. You were a full on bite. You made me feel things I had never felt.

I had never been so sure of someone or so devoted to someone. I began to live for you in every way I could and when you broke my heart I wasn't living for myself.

I wasn't living for me and I wasn't living for you anymore so who was I to live for? The walls stayed up with you inside. No one could enter no one could leave. They remain up now and always.

Congratulations, you are the only one I've ever loved and from that one love only pain came.

How do you convince someone to love again when their only experience with it is that its the most painful thing they've felt? Good luck.

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