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BellaBayI like sarcasm and rhyming
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How he felt like the cosmos but was merely the moon.

Fuck Austin

Not musch to say. The title says it all. I could go into how he broke me. About how he built himself up to be the greatest guy I knew. Trustworthy, loyal, funny, kind.

A solid ten when it comes to best friends. How he lied to me everyday "so we could remain friends". How he felt like the cosmos but was merely the moon.

No disrespect to the moon she is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Funny how in a way thats how I still see him. I have seen the sun I have seen Saturn.

I have seen black holes and I have seen asteroids but still the moon remains my favorite part. But back to him lying.

He watched my heart break as I said goodbye to old friends and he held me as I mourned them.

He put my heart back together bit by bit hoping I wouldn't come to realize he had been using tape instead of glue. I guess in a way he wasn't even the one that hurt me the most. It was me.

I built him up and I knew he loved me. More than a friend. More than anyone else ever would. It had been 2 years and still he looked at me the same damn way he first did.

I think I loved him more than he loved me. No, not in that way. He was my best friend. But you can't be friends with an ex. And so ultimately he broke my heart.

Call it his revenge from when I broke his. I could tell you how much he hurt me and how the scars he left are somehow deeper than my others. Like they won't even scar over.

Maybe they're just too fresh. But ill spare you the read.

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