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Our blood is red

Charlottesville, VA

As a white American I will probably never have to face any kind of discrimination (minus the woman stuff). I will never be glared at in an airport or watched while shopping.

I will never have people cross the street when they see me or clench their purses closed when they're next to me.

This is because of the color of my skin? I'm always so confused by this because our minds are not linked to our skin color. Our hearts are not pumped by our melanin.

Our hearts are pumped by our blood and we all bleed red. One shade for one race, the human race. Charlottsville is a prime example of how history repeats itself.

The nazis failed before and they will fail again. They will try again in many years and still they will fail because "It is blood which moves the wheels of history" and everyone's blood is red.

(And ya I did just quote mussolini ironically suck my dick nazis)

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