Unclosed endings and unfounded beginnings By Holly

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Unclosed endings and unfounded beginnings By Holly

On the way to my new school, I cried. The entire time. It showed when I walked in those doors because seniors greeted me with a look of sympathy. Sometimes I don’t like sympathy.

A senior introduced me to another freshman girl. I don’t know her name.

By the time we all got sorted into color groups, it seemed unnatural how easy it was to make friends. It was like seeing people you haven’t talked to in years. In other words...

Familiar. Too familiar.

Now I’m going to be real here i love this new school, but i miss all of my friends. The worst part?

Somethings i can’t even share with them. Even the things that I would only tell Isabella seemed to be stuck inside.

Something that i wont mention felt odd about my school situation. And even though it sounds over dramatic, what i am about to say is true.

I will not stop until i solve what is happening, and I will put an end to it. As soon as possible.

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