The Series (Isabella)
The Series (Isabella) goodbye stories

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Our goodbyes, well atleast mine (Isabella)

The Series (Isabella)

Hi guys, its Isabella. I'm sorry we haven't written lately, the truth is I think we are done with Commaful.

If you didn't know we are all freshmens, we made this account in 8th grade before, well Holly left to a new school.

I hope you enjoyed our stories while it lasted, we had a lot of fun writing them.

I literally remember us getting so excited the moment we got 200 followers, which probably isn't a lot to some people, and the time we showed our teacher.

Commaful really gave us an opportunity to share what we were going through without actually telling someone in person.

It helped us find a way to let our feelings out about the things that we went through and how we feel about them. In our hard times, it was just easier to write then look at the truth.

Sometimes I wish I could go back and fix my life in middle school, but I know that it's probably better off how it is now.

The people in the stories, Ash, Victoria, and Dakota, are doing well, and yes they are real people are doing well. I hope Holly's doing well but I wouldn't know.

All I have to say is, Holly if you're reading this I hope the best for you and your new school, I'm sorry I was such a jerk, but everything that happened badly was my fault.

To the readers, I hope that you are all doing amazing and I hope you can be inspired by our stories. Goodbye everyone, if I can I might write something, but that probably wont happen.

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