The Holly Diaries Grade 8 5/16/19
The Holly Diaries 

Grade 8
5/16/19 fakediary stories
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believers3 teens that can't figure out life
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This is Holly's diary. She used it from middle school all the way through high school (And who knows, maybe she will use it again!)

The Holly Diaries Grade 8 5/16/19

Hi there.

Wow!!! its been a while since I used this diary, huh!

Lol, but I guess I kind of need it right now?

Isabella is starting to stress me out, ya know?

Sometimes she says dumb things that upset me…


But I guess she doesn’t know better, even if she does suck sometimes.


But she is my best friend and best friends are irreplaceable!

LOL im going to read this when im like 20 and be the grammar police.

"Holly its "I'm" not "im""

"Holly stop saying "Lol" we all know you aren't really laughing out loud"

Okay "future me", you caught me.

But 13 years old and trying to figure out how my best friend is going to die, how can I really laugh?

Well other than fake laughs, and those seem to work!

Well, I guess I'll "ttyl" haha!

Bye my Diary!!!

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