A New Mission (Holly) (Part 1) (Reupload)
A New Mission (Holly) (Part 1) (Reupload) school stories
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The original was accidentally deleted (oof sorry) so here u gooo!

A New Mission (Holly) (Part 1) (Reupload)


After hours and hours of looking for Isabella, I found her.

At Chillis.

Ordering fries.

Of course, I didn’t yell at her, I simply ate all of her fries, told her to put away the margarita, and

get in my car.

To explain her what I can “insanity”, her powers have always been stronger than mine (in the vision department).

If you have never had a vision, which I figure you have not, they are usually terrifying or just confusing.

Isabella started having them when she was 11 years old (I am a year younger than her). Since she was 13 years old, she has been trying to piece everything together, especially death.

When she was 14, she saw the death of a close friend and her own death.

Not exactly the most peaceful kind of thing to see before final exams.

Luckily, her trusty friend Holly was there. We then tried to piece it together until our Sophomore year in high school.

It was that year I gave up on the idea that I was special and could “see the future”. It was all bogus to me. I told her that I thought we were acting like we were roleplaying in 2nd grade.

Then she went off on me all about “we are in this together is what you said!” and a bunch of other stuff. I decided to split from her.

That is, until senior year.

Which was very recent.

We recently graduated from high school. I start college in 3 months and she still has no idea what she is going to do.

Keep using her fake “21 years old “ID when she is 19? That isn't what I want for her because she can do so much better...

Oh? How do I know this?

Possibly it is because it is us who solved how to create a wormhole?

She can harness the power so powerfully through the object used to create it that it can take her 300 years into the past and 200 years into the future.

She is too scared to go into the future.

Now is the part where I stop bragging about what she can do and I brag about myself.

She can see the future, yes, but I have learned how to travel through wormholes.

Without the device.

Does she know this?


Nor will she know any time soon.

But she has her secrets so why can I not? The thing is that I am better at hiding my secrets and she sucks at it.

Then again, in middle school, Isabella always screwed things up.

Now I do that just because of the dumb Ripple Effect.

Ever completely screwed up the Time-Space Continuum? Nope probably not. Yeah, I have. It’s called the Ripple Effect, but it's not pretty.

Imagine water. So, this water is still. Just the way it’s supposed to be.

Okay? Now imagine me seeing in the future that this is the water that kills the President of the United States because it has E-Coli. So, I destroy the water with...a.... ripple?

Yeah, not a good example but you most likely get my point.

Now I should explain what happened when my story started?

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