The chained elephant
The chained elephant freedom stories

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Without a doubt my favorite story, written by the psychologist Jorge Bucay. All a great motivation for life.

By: Jorge Bucay

The chained elephant

by Jorge Bucay

When I was a kid I loved circuses. What I liked the most were the animals, but, above all, the elephant.

After his performance, the elephant was held only by a chain that imprisoned one of its legs to a small stake stuck in the ground.

However, the stake was a tiny piece of wood, barely buried a few inches in the ground.

And although the chain was thick and powerful, it seemed obvious to me that this animal, capable of plucking a tree of rennet with its force, could easily tear off the stake and flee.

What keeps it then? Why do not you run away?

When I was little, ask the big ones. Some of them told me that the elephant did not escape because it was trained. I did then, the obvious question ...

- and if he is trained, why is he chained? I do not remember having received any coherent answer.

A few years ago, someone very wise told me the answer. The elephant did not try to flee because years ago, when it was a small elephant, it tried to escape from the stake but could not.

the animal accepted his destiny with impotence and resignation. This huge and powerful elephant that we see in the circus, does not escape because he BELIEVES THAT HE CAN NOT.

And you, do you have something of an elephant? Each one of us is a bit like that elephant: we go around the world tied to hundreds of stakes that deprive us of freedom.

We live believing that a lot of things "we can not do" simply because we tried and could not.

We record in our memory: I can not, I can not and I can never. Many of us grew up carrying that message that we imposed on ourselves and never tried again.

The only way to know, is to try again, putting in the attempt ALL YOUR HEART

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