The girl who held on
The girl who held on  frendship broken stories

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If she could give you her pain just for one moment she would. Not to hurt you but rather so you can finally understand how much more you hurt her.

The girl who held on

You see, she was someone who needed closure because she was unable to believe a person can hold so much hate towards another for something so small.

Too blinded by the good to understand the bad.

She wonders if you even understand it yourself?

Loved you as family which to her is everything, someone you would do anything for, yet one small crack in her porcelain skin and you poisoned everything about her.

You took the light, the view of her world and you seemed to enjoy it.

See after many years of ignoring the pain she finally snapped.

She would not cry but the pain was suffocating, taking her oxygen.

She needed to let it out, So she yelled, she lost control.

She begged for it all to go away, take back the anger burry it with the monsters inside of her.

She wanted to resit the anger, but you kept picking and she was becoming someone she could no longer recognise.

So now everything is done, she wishes to know, did it take away you’re pain?

Kicking her down, a spirit that was already struggling to stay afloat in a world full of evil and hurt, in a world that she was still clinging onto when it already took soo much from her,

family gone, others barely existing.

You think you know pain, you turn her into the enemy.

But If you knew all the things that girl deals with everyday and refuses to say out loud, would you still have done what you did.

Whether or not your decision would have been different, the problem is you never know the experiences of the next person you walk past.

Once forgotten the world becomes a dark place.

Good is lost because its not something you can touch, hear or taste.

Good is a force inside of the people who hide their own battles to fight yours.

She wanted to.

She had most of her life.

When those kids who teased you tried to pry information from her She laughed them away.

See everyone questioned her choice in friendship but she never wavered, not even for a second.

You were a challenge that broke her every day and it became routine returning to class with a fresh set of tears carving into her face.

She never gave up on you, let you day after day hurt her, over and over yet nothing you ever said or did stopped her from sticking by you.

Her compassion and understanding allowed her to see past the facade, she saw kindness and loneliness.

She never expected anything for the pain caused through the years.

She just gets stuck every time replaying all that happened in her head, thinking where did She go wrong in life to have everyone leave, Why wasn’t She enough for people to stay, especially you?

You are the one with the answer, remember there was some reason in your mind you found great enough to leave her.

If she could give you her pain just for one moment she would. Not to hurt you but rather so you can finally understand how much more you hurt her.

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