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Our first kiss was in the rain, as cliche as that sounds.

5:28 AM

Our first kiss was in the rain,

as cliche as that sounds.

I pulled her close and time stopped.

The rain stopped.

Our faces connected and the only thing I could feel was hers gently pressed on mine.

I've known God to split seas but girls have never been that holy for me.

Cinematic almost the rain washing away all the trauma from last year.

The trauma says run!

Leave as fast as you can.

Something this good can never last for long.

Its 5:28 AM on a cold Wednesday morning and she's in my bed,

but I couldn't even think of running.

I know its early,

but there's something different about this one.

Safe and easy isn't something that comes often with girls.

I always feel like I'm trying too hard.

How is it you make us so easy?

How is it you make us so effortless?

I know my heart is always looking for an exit.

Something to save me from the trauma I know will crush my bones and turn my dust into drugs.

Sending the rest of me up their nose as they use the last of the kick in my system to keep their hate going.

But I'm not ready to be used up yet.

I still have more to do here.

More to feel here.

More to love here.

More to experience here.

So I'm done running.

And if I'm running,

Oh god I hope it's with you.

-Rebekah Fleisher

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