Broken Leg
Broken Leg pity stories

beingwizard Being a wizard,in a world full of poems.
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The broken leg... And the pitiful comfort we want to rest.

Broken Leg

I felt for those blue eyes, that swept all the stress away from me;

But, one day I got broke and she left me.

I begged her to stay, she told me I was not worthy of anything,

I remained silent, while walking down the streets.

I got myself into an accident and broke one leg, she came running towards me saying, why did I do that?

I asked her if she's here to stay?

But she said, she won't, as she doesn't feel pity for me.

It's been a while I have grown and happy to be the person I have become, if she would have showed me some pity then, I wouldn't have come this far from the old destiny of broken leg.

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