My Dearest Love, My Dearest Solitude
My Dearest Love,

My Dearest Solitude lonliness stories

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Has the thing you loved the most ever felt so sad and empty?

My Dearest Love, My Dearest Solitude

Solitude my dearest friend it keeps me company because nobody is there

But my dearest solitude has consumed me as darkness filled the air

The room I can not escape has chained me to its walls

Closing the door that is my life My light is gone

Where do I go

Where do I go Where do I stay

Where do I go Where do I stay Where do I belong

It's so dark down here how far did I fall

Time is ticking

Time is ticking Bells are ringing

Time is ticking Bells are ringing The day repeats once more

My wrist now bloody from the weight that's burdened me again

Everyday I hear a voice repeating in my head

Who will love you?

Your ignorance

Just where is my innocence

Where is the one who holds my hand

When instead I'm left alone in my head

But every day before I break I always have a do

One more time

Let's keep walking for one more time

The day will come when you are loved

The day will come when you are free

The day will come when solitude won't be your only friend

Slowly I watch several years flow by

As I go see others live their lives

I question why I can’t fly to the sky

Even though I try

But my questions were answered when I found

The ugly truth of where my loneliness began

It was in my youth that I started to lose

A connection with others as I discovered

The lack of communication between them and me

Not a simple hi and bye

Or a little gesture that reached their eyes

With my newfound knowledge I began to acknowledge

That I must live for myself

To to realize that rumors don't matter

And say that I am enough with no regrets

The day came when I accepted myself

My imperfections perfection

My flaws flawless

The rooms doors finally opened

The chains keeping me captive finally broken

The voice heard finally unspoken

Running out the door filled with my sorrow

I take another chance and finally fly to the sky

One more try to hold another person's hand

The time I thank solitude for finding someone genuine

Thanking myself for knowing that I am enough

The time when I learned to Love my dearest self

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