Dying Light
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My first story

Dying Light

Dying Light

Warning: Contains Gory Video Game Violence and Description ⚠

My Name is Kyle Crane. I am from Chicago, Illinois America, and I traveled here, to the city of Harran

GRE: Hud activated. Commence briefing.

Pilot: Approaching Harran.

GRE: Data on the subject. Kadir Suleiman. A local political figure hired to

maintain order after the outbreak. His brother Hassan died in a disease-related

incident before we were able to evacuate him.

GRE: Suleiman blamed the GRE for Hassan's death. He stole a highly sensitive

file which became his bargaining chip against the GRE.

GRE: With instructions to publicize it if anything happened to him.

GRE: Data on the subject. The stolen file. It details the incomplete process of

synthesizing a cure for the virus. If implemented in its current state, the

produced substance may be extremely toxic.

Pilot: Jump in ten seconds.

Pilot: Now!

GRE: Also, the file contains a full description of the virion structure. Any

attempt to use it would result in countless lives lost. It must be recovered.

GRE: Further information. Current status.

GRE: Suleiman sent the file to an associate unknown to us, with instructions to

publicize it at his command at any time.

GRE: To counter that, we instituted a city-wide communication jam, preventing

him from publicizing the file.

GRE: Your GRE-issued radio can overcome that jamming. It is your lifeline. Do

not lose it.

GRE: Suleiman has since gone underground and begun using a different name. We

have reason to believe he now leads one of the two main factions operating

within the city.

GRE: You are to find Suleiman and locate the stolen file in order to save

mankind from a disaster of unprecedented proportions.

As the GRE said that, they lowered the plane bottom for my to parachute out of. Then I ran down the bottom of the plane and I jumped from the plane.

10,000 feet, 5,000 feet, 3,000 feet, then i pulled my parachute trigger. After a while later, i dropped in between two buildings. Then i struggled to get the parachute off of me.

Rais' soldier: I told you that wasn't a normal drop chute.

Tahir: Break his legs. Then take him to Rais.

Crane: Back up. All of you.

Tahir: Stop! Loud noises draw them!

Tahir: Fall back! FALL BACK!

Amir: Come on. We have to move.

Jade: Let's get him off the street.


Jade: Amir! NO!

Amir: Go! RUN!!

Jade: Tower, this is Jade. Get Sickbay ready. Got a guy with a bad head

wound... and a bite on one arm.

Rahim: Oh, sh*t! Amir's hurt?

Jade: No. Amir is gone... But I'm bringing in someone who might still survive.

Rahim: One of us?

Jade: We'll see.

Girl: You pinch him.

Boy: You're scared.

Girl: I'm not scared.

Boy: Then pinch him.

Girl: He blinked!

Boy: What?

Girl: He blinked again!

Boy: What if he's a zombie?!

Girl: Aaaaaaa!

Boy: Zombie! Run!

Crane: Sh*t... my head...

Guard: You sleep for three days like a dead man, then scare children? Off to a

great start, 31.

Crane: Where am I?

Guard: In paradise, can't you see?

Guard: Okay, enough joking around. Head to room 190. The boss'll brief you.

Crane: What do you mean, "31"?

Guard: Ask the boss!

Aman: And you are...?

Crane: Crane. Uh... 31.

Aman: Oh. Right. How's your head?

Crane: My head?

Aman: Got it. Listen up: until the boss says so, you are not on the list. So go

talk to him ASAP, and let's get things moving. Now, if you'll excuse me.

Me: Hey, I'm looking for... are you the boss?

Rahim: What, am I too young? You got a problem with my age?

Me: No, I... you wanted to talk to me.

Rahim: That's better. Do you remember anything? Know where you are?

Me: (Yeah, yeah.) I can see this is... some kind of shelter?

Rahim: We call it "The Tower". Brecken and his runners put it all together a

couple of months ago, and we've been here ever since.

Rahim: Hunting air drops, scavenging... and rescuing people.

Me: Yeah... I wanted to thank that girl...

Rahim: Good. Because if not for her, you'd already be chewing somebody's knee

bone. Your Antizin was totally crushed, by the way.

Rahim: Only thing Jade could salvage was your radio.

Me: Great... so can I get that back, please?

Rahim: Actually, I think I need it more than you do.

Me: Believe me, pal, that's not the case.

Rahim: Fine. Take it.

Rahim: You know why runners put their lives in danger? For guys like you.

Rahim: So now you take the Antizin meant for someone else, and you won't even

share your gear with us?

Rahim: I don't have time to deal with your bullsh*t.

Rahim: I've lost contact with one of our guys, thanks to the f*ck*d-up radios

we're stuck with.

Rahim: Do something for me, would you? I don't want to see you or your precious

radio anymore, so go be useful somewhere else.

Rahim: We don't tolerate lazy *ssholes here in the Tower.

Me: Hey. Be fair. I'm not lazy, I'm just...

Me: Hey, Boss...

Rahim: Save it. That lost guy I mentioned? He's only on the 13th floor, but he

might as well be trapped in a mine cave-in. Come back later.

Rahim: And I'm not the boss. Too young, remember? I'm Rahim. Brecken's in

charge here.

Timur: Where do you think you're going?

Rahim: The 13th floor. I'm getting some stuff for Rahim.

Timur: 13... ? Sh*t. That's gonna be some dirty work. But we all gotta pull our

weight around here, huh?

and I pressed the down button. When i got down there, there was a lot of blood.

Then I called the GRE

Me: Jesus... how many people died here... ?

Me: Crane here.

GRE: Where were you? We've been waiting for your report. It's been over 70


Crane: Lost my radio for a while. Don't worry, my cover's intact. No contact

with the Tower's leader yet. Unable to confirm identity. I'm taking steps to

blend in.

GRE: Acknowledged. Time is of the essence, Crane. Remember that.

Crane: There's one more thing. I... got bitten. I've shown no symptoms, but the

people here say I'm infected.

GRE: ...Then you'd better get your hands on some Antizin ASAP, hadn't you?

Survivor: Help! HELP! Somebody!

Crane: What the hell?

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