'This World Is Not Good Enough For You'
'This World Is Not Good Enough For You' planet stories

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A short poem, dedicated to my future children, saying what my Mother said to me...

'This World Is Not Good Enough For You'

This is dedicated to my future Children.

The day I was born my Mother said to me,

'This world is not good enough for you',

As I become older in this mess of a world,

I understand what my Mother meant,

What I would give to tell you the cruelness of man kind's history,

Is all a myth and instead the fairy tales I will tell you as you grow,

Are what the world is really like, a world filled with love and equality,

But instead, I have to watch as you realise the horrid truths,

That I once had to realise too, when all I want is to protect you,

In life, you must always keep hope of a better world,

Some people are making small and big differences every day,

Be a part of the positive changes, as I try to be as my Mother is,

Then hopefully when you have Children one day,

The world will be good enough.

By Bees

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