The Trophy Wife
The Trophy Wife lady in the sky stories

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We want what we can't always have...and we ultimately learn to appreciate what we do have

The Trophy Wife

She was the glistening token; the light at the bottom of a dark well, and she was the wishes of a million stars, none of which belonged to him.

She was untouchable, but he had to reach. She was a thought, so he had to dream. She was not his for the taking, but he was certainly going to try.

As he lowered himself down the well, and dreamt his way through the constellations, the token shone brighter, and the wishes in the stars came to life. Imagine how lovely the embodiment of a million wishes...but when he reached her, he tucked the cold token in his pocket, and gazed in wonderment at the lady in the sky.

Reaching his hand out to stroke her golden hair--to have her--she reverted back to her true form and scattered into a million wishes all around him, none of which were his.

Once he surfaced from the well, he retrieved the token from his pocket with a sense of accomplishment, ready to admire his trophy, and held the sniny coin in the light of the sun. When he finally realized that it was just an old penny, he also realized that he had only wanted it so badly because it did not belong to him.

And as he descended back down from the heavens to plant his feet firmly onto the ground, he realized that he would forever yearn for that lady in the sky, because she was the wishes of a million stars, and NONE OF THEM BELONGED TO HIM. -Rebecca L Marshall

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